mimari dekorasyon işleri pergole açılır çatı sistemleri oluk sahne bar havuz üstü kapama irish pub taşıyıcı kamelya truss gelin merdiveni


We execute designs that create cozy, welcoming and captivating atmospheres by merging steel with architecture. Our team of experts realize projects exactly as they are represented in presentations. Primary Applications Include; WEDDING HALLS BRIDE’S STAIRS OPENING ROOF SYSTEMS GUTTER SYSTEMS SOUND AND STAGE MATERIALS (TRUSSES ETC.) BOWERS NIGHT CLUBS IRISH PUBS VARIOUS BAR/CAFÉ DESIGNS Here … Read moreARCHITECTURAL DECORATION PROJECTS


We turn steel in to structure. We provide turn key applications with our expert team by designing and preparing projects suited for living or industrial spaces and other purposes.   Primary Applications Include; HANGARS STABLES MILKING PLANTS SILAGE DEPOTS MEZZANINES VAULT ROOFS STAIRS AND FIRE STAIRS PLATFORMS LIGHT WEITH STEEL STRUCTURES We can manufacture various … Read moreSTEEL CONSTRUCTION

Konveyör bant kapama işleri, toz indirgeme, yürüme platformları, silo ve bunker kapama işlemleri. Tesis kapama/taşıma işlemleri 2008 den beri yapılmaktadır


Processes include: Belt Conveyor Systems Moving Band Platforms Dust Reduction Plant Covering We are capable of carrying out these and various other processes that are done in stone crushing plant professionally and meticulously since 2006. We have covered the machines of over 40 stone quarries after it was made mandatory by Ministry of Environment and … Read moreOPERATIONS IN MINING FIELD