Erdağ Metal waas founded in 1987 by Ahmet Akdağ to operate in the metalworking and metal industry field to contribute to local production and has since served meticulously in private projects. The firm has represented the significance of domestic production both in domestic and foreign markets with pride over a long time.

The firm has kept up to date with developing technologies by expanding its equipment and production capabilities while ensuring top quality and swift production.

Erdağ Metal will preserve its place in the market for a long time to come with the belief that trust, sincerity and customer satisfaction is the most prominent gain in the fabrication and trade business.

Our company has placed value in top notch workmanship to deliver the level of quality for the brands and companies in our portfolio as a family and corporate business.

We continue to build on our past business experience to deliver first class products for humanity and the earth by working with determination.



  • We approach our business with a caring, hands-on and meticulous attitude.
  • We state our promises in a clear way and follow through to the end; and we inform about the results.
  • We place emphasis on constantly developing ourselves and our staff.
  • We forge long lasting customer relations by relying on being honest, transparent and integral in our transactions.


We think about new ways to realize each project.

We draw on our knowledge, experience, professional relationships and technology to engineer the right solutions for projects on which standard approaches do not work.

We structure new ideas to create convenient solutions for our clients and put them in use.

We believe the targets we reach are prominent for us as long as we learn from our mistakes.

We appreciate jobs that are well done and we encourage feedback inside of our company.

We stand with what we believe to be the right stance in projects rationally and we work constructively to realize them.