We have been doing reliable work since 1988. Our mission is to prioritize quality and customer satisfaction.

Welcome to Erdag Metal Industry


Our company, which has generally done special works with its sensitive approach since 1988 in order to operate in the field of metal and steel industry, continues to maintain its place in the sector with its professional staff and references included in its portfolio.

Project and Commitment Services

In the project and application area, the team should have knowledge about the compatibility of steel construction and its complementary elements in order to produce solid and quality structures. The reason Is because steel building systems are different from other building systems…

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Canvas Roof

Although tent shelters are a system based on ancient times, it has been started to be used in ambitious and large openings such as stadiums, sports halls, market places, roofs, sunshades and so on, with the advancement in technology.

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Plant Cladding

In accordance with the Environmental impact assessment; We provide cladding services for all facilities such as stone and sand quarries (Crusher Plant), Concrete plants, Micronized plants, Cement factories, within our company. After our on-site evaluation and observation…

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Sliding Valves


Furniture Metals

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Iron Works

Why Us ?

% 100 Satisfaction

We prioritize customer requests and satisfaction. We respond to every request from the beginning of the work to the delivery.

Durability and Quality

We spend a delicate effort to create long-lasting structures and ensure their continuity.

Fast Delivery

We are progressing in a planned and program-based way that we will not experience a return. We deliver work within the time we promised.

Expert staff

We design and bring dreams to life with our architects, engineers and certified masters.

Strong Security

We take into account occupational health and safety measures. We start work after all precautions are taken.

Quality Support

We provide services for you to make safe, sound and permanent decisions without spare our assistance in all technical matters requested before and after sales.

Our Customers and References